Air Pollution Control & Energy Recovery Systems


Engineering Services

  • Evaluation of existing APC (air pollution control) equipment for the purpose of:
    • Improving energy efficiency and or providing secondary heat recovery
    • Improved capacity through put
    • Improving performance of an existing system
    • Secondary Heat Recovery (SHR)
  • On line monitoring of APC systems for maintenance assistance
  • Controls upgrade for your existing APC system

Field Services

Installation of APC equipment from the mechanical assembly to the complete installation from foundation to commissioning – ‘turnkey installation’

  • Maintenance of existing APC equipment
    • Service contracts for routine PM inspections
    • On call response for service on most Oxidizers
  • RTO heat recovery upgrade to lower energy use and or increase capacity
  • Catalyst replacement and upgrade to increase VOC reduction
  • Replacement of any coalescing fiber bed filters

Equipment Installation

Installation of Air Pollution Control Equipment is a critical component of a successful project. To insure that the equipment is installed properly as well as in the most cost effective manner, some companies elect to package the equipment purchase with the installation and startup in what is referred to as a “Turnkey” System.