Client: Closed Cell Foam Production line in North Carolina.

Background:  A new product line with Ammonia (NH3) in the waste stream.

5200 SCFM dual spray with a packed bed scrubber system

Air Clear manufactured and Installed 5200 SCFM Dual Spray with a Packed Bed Scrubber System

Problem:  The waste process stream needed the NH3 (Ammonia) to be reduced by 99% using an acid.

Waste Description:  The contaminants included NH3 (Ammonia) and particulate matter

Solution:  Air Clear manufactured a 5,200 SCFM dual spray with a packed bed scrubber system, to convert the NH3 (Ammonia) to a water soluble salt while capturing airborne particulate matter in the sump of the scrubber.

Process Equipment:

The process equipment consists of a 316 Stainless Steel vessel and piping, overlapped dual layer spray nozzles, packed bed, with a 6 foot wide spray nozzle.

The unit has a redundant pump arrangement to ensure constant uninterrupted service.

The PLC program was designed to allow for minimal user interface, one button on, one button off.