Air Pollution Control & Energy Recovery Systems

Engineering Services

Air Clear is a global supplier of engineering services & air pollution control equipment to a diverse spectrum of industries. Our engineering services covers product design from conceptual studies to aftermarket support; evaluation of existing air pollution control equipment; improving energy efficiency and or providing secondary heat recovery; improved capacity through put; improving performance of an existing system; secondary heat recovery options; online monitoring of air pollution control systems for maintenance assistance; controls upgrade for your existing air pollution control system; relocation of existing air pollution equipment to a new facility from removal, refurbish, re-installation and start up. Our talented engineering workforce possesses the breadth and depth of technical expertise that sets us apart from our competition. Technical excellence provided on schedule and within budget yields the best overall value.  This is the essence of our reputation and the reason why many of our customers choose Air Clear as their preferred Air Pollution Control Equipment Supplier for all their air pollution control needs.  We can combine our experts and processes with global low-cost engineering options to provide high quality work at an excellent price.  In short, Air Clear is well equipped to serve your most challenging Turnkey Air Pollution Control Equipment...

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Field Services

Field Services include the Installation of  Air Pollution Control Equipment from the mechanical assembly to the complete installation from foundation to commissioning – ‘turnkey installation’.  Air Clear’s Field Service Technicians are available 24/7 for emergency equipment problems either for Air Clear’s Equipment or other Air Pollution Control Equipment problems.  Maintenance of existing Air Pollution Control Equipment Service contracts for routine PM inspections On call response for service on all Oxidizers Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer heat recovery upgrade to lower energy use and or increase capacity Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer heat recovery media replacement on all Oxidizers Catalyst replacement and upgrade to increase VOC reduction Replacement & Service of any coalescing fiberbed filter mist collector systems Conversion of non-Air Clear Filter Systems to except Air Clear Filters Relocation of existing air pollution equipment to a new facility from removal, refurbish, re-installation and start...

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Air Pollution Control Equipment Installation

Installation of Air Pollution Control Equipment is a critical component of a successful project. To insure the equipment is installed properly as well as in the most cost effective manner, some companies elect to package the equipment purchase with the installation and startup. This is referred to as a “Turnkey” System.       International Air Pollution Control Equipment Installation Air Clear offers Air Pollution Control Equipment Installation services that range from providing the entire “Turnkey” proposal to onsite supervision of owner supplied contractors. In conjunction with local subcontractors, Air Clear LLC has supplied installation services through the VSA and internationally in countries such as South Korea and China.  ...

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